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Technician - Colorado


As our Colorado Technician, you will be responsible for setup of new equipment, rebuild equipment and after-sales and service to our customers by phone. You will be expected to troubleshoot various equipment and machinery in a shop environment and over the phone. If needed assist field service technicians in the field. This may involve minor repairs, inspections, and routine maintenance work, as well as troubleshooting more complex issues. Your expertise and technical knowledge will be greatly valued by our customers, and you will be instrumental in helping them maintain high standards of production.

This job mainly focuses on rebuilding equipment and tech support from our Colorado Headquarters.

Your Contribution / Skills

As a successful Field Service Tech within the Further Processing Unit, you possess an MBO education in mechanical engineering or installation technology. You also have proven experience in planning and coordinating field service tasks, as well as proficiency in hydraulic, mechanical, and electrical methods. Additionally, you should have proficient English skills, computer proficiency, and possess a valid driver's license. Furthermore, you are able to work flexible shifts and have a capacity to work independently, meet deadlines, and handle various tasks in a changing environment. Prior experience or service to the food processing industry is also an advantage. Lastly, being vaccinated against Covid-19 is highly recommended.

What B&D Resources offers

Competitive salary range of $60,000 - $65,000 gross per year depending on experience and education, as well as 12 vacation days. Furthermore, this position includes 100% reimbursement of your health insurance amount, dental insurance, and 50% of your average cell phone bill. Finally, field service technicians will receive a company car and laptop.

What B&D Resources offers

We will contact you within a week of receiving your application to let you know if we are interested in conducting an interview with you. If we believe that working with you would be a good fit for both of us, we will decide whether to make you an offer or conduct another interview. A thorough background check is always part of the selection process.

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