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Model 100 S - Continuous Flow Application

SEPAmatic 100 / 100 S
Fully Automatic Soft Belt Separator

Achieve a Quality Worthy of
‘Small Batch’ Craftsmanship


‘Small batch’ has a marketable premium-value perception. For a higher-
margin yield quality worthy of that perception, no other food separation

method can outclass soft-belt separation and the 100 Model Series from
SEPAmatic, the leaders in soft-belt food separation technology.

Artisan Performance Only Soft-Belt Can Deliver

SEPAmatic machines separate meat from skin, bone, sinews and other tissues using a gentle, but extremely thorough compression technique that doesn’t stress the product like conventional auger/grinder separators do. The result is an unrivaled extraction purity and meat integrity that hold to even the tightest calcium and other content specs—for maximum flavor and consistency, with minimum costly rendering.

Model 100 S

SEPAmatic Good Processing Machines Model 100 S.jpg

For continuous-flow applications, the
100 S model features an infeed tray and
discharge-chute design that can easily
integrate with an in-line operation.


  • Very small footprint (only 780 sq. in.) and casters for easy mobility make these great utility machines that can roll into action as needed

  • With its infeed tray and discharge chute, the 100 S model easily orients for in-line operation

  • Perforated drum’s 9.5-inch working diameter allows for larger product dimensions

  • Operate using a variety of squeezing belt thicknesses for food inputs of varying hardness

  • Adjustable pressure settings for arrange of yield opportunities

Model 100

SEPAmatic Good Processing Machines Model 100.jpg

As a hand-fed unit, the base 100 model is ideal for more random batch food-separation runs. As such, it has become the perfect niche solution for natural casing removal in premium sausage rework applications.


  • Auto belt tensioning extends belt life

  • Oversized roller bearings, located outside the product area for easy cleaning, enhance durability

  • Quick setup and breakdown
    for cleaning

Model 100 - Batch Food Separation

Technical Specification


up to 1,100 lbs./hr. capacity*

*depending on whole size, application and product


100, 0.75 kW / 100S, 1.5kW

(H x W x D +/-):

100, 47.25” x 32.5” x 24”
100S, 53.25” x 32.5” x 24”


100, 600 lbs. / 100S, 600 lbs.

Technical Specs
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