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Sepamatic  3000

Fully Automatic Soft Belt Separator

Why use a SEPAmatic 3000

Processing Benefits

  • Highly elastic crushing belt and perforated drum allow for gentle removal of hard particle or careful separation of fish from skin

  • Improved quality and structure of final product versus screw type application

  • Gentle separation and almost no temperature increase ensures a high quality product

Technical Advantages

  • Robust machine, easy to clean and easy to disassemble/assemble

  • Simple control system with no complicated electronic or electro-hydraulic parts

  • Preventative Maintenance can be accomplished easily with easy access

  • Up to 8 tons/ 17,000 lbs capacity*

 *depending on whole size, application and product

Why use a SEPAmatic 3000

Technical Specification





Discharge Height:


 up to 8 tons/ 17,000 lbs capacity*

*depending on whole size, application and product

7.5 optional 9 KW

Height: +/-  79 in
Width: +/-   67 in
Depth: +/-   61 in

Weight +/-  5072 lbs

Height: +/-  32 in

Technical Specs SEPAmatic 3000

What Can You Do With A SEPAmatic 3000

The SEPAmatic 3000 is a robust soft belt separator that gently separates hard and soft parts by pressing the product between a highly-elastic crushing belt and a perforated stainless steel drum. Examples are removal of bone splinters and cartilage from Finely Textured Pork or chicken breast at the end of a cone line - each with equal ease.

What you can do with a SEPAmatic 3000
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