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Our Story

Owned and operated by David Radford, B&D Resources was founded on exceptional client support services, accumulating a dedicated team of consummate professionals over the years with a unified vision. Possessing a customer first mentality, we provide our clients with an extensive catalog of SEPAmatic® OEM Machines and OEM Replacement Parts, OEM quality parts for hydraulic bone separators, and Presizer equipment.


Our food industry experience allows us to effectively and efficiently guide our clients towards optimal results. We showcased our ability over the past years, significantly improving operational optimization to several notable industry leaders.


This profound insight into the Food Processing Industry allows us to compete with larger operations while exceeding their standards for service thanks to our client centric attentive approach to support. Our ability to outperform exponentially larger operations lends itself to our credibility as a reputable premier parts provider. We specialize in Soft Belt Separation, Advanced Meat Recovery and Meat Processing Equipment manufactured by PROVISUR®, MAREL®, SEPAmatic® Modernpack, and BAADER®. Our clients enjoy full confidence when securing our parts and support services.

Provisur Technologies, Inc. (Provisur) is the owner of the federally registered trademark Bone Cannon® and does not sponsor our products.

Our clients include large scale corporate slaughter and processing facilities. B&D Resources is owned by David Radford, a long term associate of the food processing industry, who understands the processes and requirements at hand.

Please call us at 303-218-3707 or email us for any parts and service inquiry.

Our Story

David Radford

David Radford is here to answer you questions

Utilizing years of industry experience with comprehensive operational knowledge, David Radford remains at the forefront of client advocation. This knowledge of the inner workings provides the sound foundation on which B & D Resources is built.

From humble beginnings David started his career in the Industrial Food Processing Industry in his native State of Georgia. In 1995 he became a Service and Sales Engineer at Stork Gamco in Gainesville, GA, serving the industrial meat processing equipment in the poultry industry for more than 6 years. 

As STORK Gamco was bought by Townsend Engineering David became the Regional Sales Manager from 2001 – 2009 in the Des Moines, Iowa area. Here David expanded his knowledge, integrating, and acquiring product lines such as meat harvesting systems and bone-in injectors into existing product lines.

Another acquisition led David to become Fresh Meat Sales Manager at MAREL from 2009 – Jun 2010. David developed and implemented strategies to achieve corporate objectives for sales of meat processing equipment, including beef, pork, poultry, dairy products and services. 

In 2010 David moved his family to Colorado to be the Director of Sales and Marketing for BFD Corporation in Englewood, Colorado. His area of focus within the Industrial Meat Processing Industry was AMR systems, Soft Belt Separation and Packaging Systems. David has extensive experience with Hydraulic Bone Separators from Provisur®, MAREL® Systems, SEPAmatic®, and BAADER®.

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Owner B&D Resources
What We do
David Radford is here to answer you questions

Kerstin Radford

Credited for implementing an increased emphasis on expedited solutions Kerstin Radford is the lifeblood of B & D Resources. A consummate professional adored for her efforts to exceed client expectation and willingness to adapt to circumstance!

Kerstin is originally from Bonn, Germany and came to the United States in 2001. Kerstin holds a masters degree in Geology and honed her customers skills at ribeka software, an environmental data base developer.

After Kerstin moved to the US she founded Express Marketing Solutions. Express Marketing Solutions specialized in search engine optimization, website design, and market development for ribeka software.  EMS, as it became known, successfully serviced large and small clients in the growing field of SEO and database management.


After the transition to Colorado in 2010, Kerstin continued Express Marketing Solutions for several years and became instrumental in the local community as a leader in the Boy Scouts of America. In her professional life Kerstin was assigned the redesign of the BFD Corporation website. 

In 2016 Kerstin joined David at the helm of B&D Resources.

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Our singular goal is to provide industrial food processing leaders with the Equipment, Service, and Parts they need to keep their meat production running at peak performance while providing exceptional client services well above industry standards. We are proud to service and support the largest industrial beef, pork and fish food processors in the continental United States. Our commitment to maintaining and sustaining our internal standards for high quality SEPAmatic® Machines and OEM parts as well as Hydraulic Separator Parts and Presizer Replacement Parts have made us a trusted name in the industry.


We remain committed to extending our exceptional client services to all large meat processing companies in need, going above and beyond for a significantly improved client service. We aim to continue our legacy as an adaptable, dedicated, and resourceful partner to our clients.

SEPAmatic Distributer


SEPAmatic Soft Belt Separators, High Quality, Low Temp, Low Pressure Soft Tissue Separator

As of May 1st, 2020 we are the exclusive Distributor for SEPAmatic® Modernpack heavy duty separation systems and OEM parts provider in North America. We pride ourselves on our separation system acumen. Our catalog is informed by years of industry knowledge and first hand experience. We specialize in Advanced Meat Recovery systems, Lean Meat Recovery systems, Soft Tissue Separators, Belt Separator, Soft Belt Separator, providing Premier Separation solutions for all of your Separation needs. B&D Resources is leading the charge in effective and affordable solutions, additional savings are only a call away.


Contact our friendly staff for any additional questions or concerns.

SEPAmatic 4000 versatile soft belt separator for high quality soft and hard meat separaration

Hydraulic Bone Separator Machine Replacement Parts

Replacement Parts, High Quality, Industry Approved, Bypass Filter, Counter Ram Rings, Seals

Save valuable time and money with our comprehensive bundles for hydraulic bone separators in a single order. We highly recommend taking advantage of our BUNDLE DEAL, which includes the packing and wiper kit, providing you with a full set of all parts that are needed to replace the packing and wiper in the main compression cylinder of your hydraulic bone separator. Enjoy bundled savings included in the kit or order the parts individually. Personalize your solution to meet your individual needs and instill true peace of mind.


Contact Us!

Replacement Parts


At B & D Resources we are well versed in the equipment required for AMR Systems. Advanced Meat Recovery Machines are integral to our client’s success, which is why our skillset is uniquely configured to provide informed insights regarding Advanced Meat Recovery Machines, Hydrau Lean Meat System, PS600, as well as Raw Material. Our expertise encompasses the entirety of the system making part identification a breeze. We are happy to provide additional advice, support, and guidance to facilitate a seamless integration of our Presizer OEM Quality parts.

Presizer Parts from B&D Resources, High Quality OEM Grade Replacement Parts
Replacement Parts for Presizer


Always in stock: over 600 SEPAmatic® OEM parts and OEM quality replacement parts for your hydraulic bone separator machines and Presizer AMR system, combined with our reliable and trustworthy support services. Receive the attention you deserve, when you need it.

Our Promise
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