Sepamatic  410

Basic manual feed but can easily be adapted to automated line

Why use a SEPAmatic 410

Processing Benefits

  • With its straightforward design, stainless steel, high-quality thermoplastic, and other food grade materials, the SEPAmatic 410 can be cleaned quickly and easily.

  • Our smallest yet very efficient soft separator can be used manual separation or can be incorporated into a production line

  • Produces coarse ground product perfect for sausage makers

  • The product consistancy is retained with little to no temperature increase

Technical Advantages

  • The basic version of the SEPAmatic 410 is fed manually, but can be expanded to form a fully automated system

  • Simple to operate and maintain 

  • Lower cost of ownership than larger models yet produces high quality products

  • Up to 1 tons/ 1,700 lbs capacity*

*depending on whole size, application and product


Technical Specification


 up to 1 tons/ 1,700 lbs capacity*

*depending on whole size, application and product


3 KW


Height: +/-  71 in
Width: +/-   31 in
Depth: +/-   47 in


Weight +/-  662 lbs


What Can You Do With A SEPAmatic 410

The perfect machine for the medium size processor or butcher. The product can be fed manually and as production increases the 410 can be adapted to automatic operation. If you are producing coarse ground sausage, soft separation of seafood, or reclaiming meat from a grinder discharge this is the machine for you.