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Machines for Meat Recovery

As one of the leading producers of commercial and industrial units within the range of injectors, massaging units, meat recovery units, thermal units as well as air conditioning and maturing units, we are the right contact for the meat and sausage producing industry. 

Our Units

The assortment of Inject Star Meat Recovery Machines is extensive and encompasses not only standard applications but also tailor-made solutions that can be adapted to meet the individual needs of any-sized company. 

P-300-Inject Star Hydraulic Bone Press.jpg

In the meat processing industry, residual meat left on bones during the cutting process represents a significant cost factor. Inject Star's meat recovery units provide the perfect solution for efficiently reclaiming this valuable resource, helping to reduce waste and improve overall cost efficiency.

Meat Recovery Units

Inject Star provides tailored solutions to meet plant- and product-specific requirements, ensuring the perfect fit for every application.

Our diverse assortment of Inject Star meat recovery units includes:

  • Bone breaker

  • Loading Unit

  • Pre-Breaker

These features ensure optimal performance and efficiency in meat recovery operations.

Bone Press Models


capacities up to max 6.6 tons

capacities up to max 440 lbs/h

filling chamber: 1.6 Gal

press chamber: 8.8 lbs



capacities up to max 1.6 tons/h

filling chamber: 2.9 Gal

press chamber: 17.5 lbs


capacities up to max 3.3 tons/h

filling chamber: 8 Gal

press chamber: 66 lbs

Pre-Breaker Models

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