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Benefits SEPAmatic 6000

Why use a SEPAmatic 6000

Processing Benefits

  • Highest Capacity of the SEPAmatic Line

  • Complete separation of tendons from usable meat

  • Moderate pressure between the much gentler belt and processing drum to yield high quality product 

Technical Advantages

  • Onboard optional patented Cooling System

  • Automatic Dosage Silo

  • German Engineered and patented Automatic Speed Adjustment depending on fill level

  • Up to 25 tons / 50,000 lbs capacity 

*depending on whole size, application and product

Technical Specification






up to 25 tons/h or 50,000 lbs/h*

*depending on whole size, application and product

please call

Height: +/-  please call
Width: +/-   please call
Depth: +/-   please call

Weight +/-  please call

Tech Specs SEPAmtic 6000

What Can You Do With A SEPAmatic 6000

Finally a high volume production machine that is much better than screw type units. The SEPAmatic 6000 was designed for high production requirements such as turkey drumsticks and fish deboning. With the powerful drive system, automatic dosing, and patented optional cooling system you can be certain the model 6000 will meet your productions needs with room to grow.

What you can do with a SEPAmatic 6000
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