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B&D Resources, an innovative technology solutions provider, offers a range of Sepamatic food processing machines for the entire food industry. Sepamatic machines use advanced separation technology to separate meat, fish, crab, poultry, and vegetable products from their bones, skin, and sinew, resulting in higher-quality products and reduced production costs. With over 30 years of experience, Sepamatic machines have been used in a wide range of applications, from small-scale butcheries to large-scale food production facilities. B&D Resources's commitment to customer satisfaction and product innovation makes them a reliable partner for businesses looking to optimize their food processing operations.

Beef Processing

We help unlock new revenue streams and reduce costs in your beef processing operations with Sepamatic's cutting-edge separation technology. Discover how today!

Pork Processing

Discover new opportunities and reduce costs in your pork processing operations with Sepamatic's advanced separation technology. Learn more today!

Poultry Processing

Overcome challenges and seize opportunities in the poultry industry with Sepamatic's expertise in advanced separation technology. See how we can help today!

Sausage /
Processed Meat

Ready to boost efficiency and cut costs in your processed meat and sausage operations? Sepamatic's expertise in separation technology can help. Let's get started!

Seafood /Crab Meat Processing

Looking for profitable growth and increased efficiency in your seafood operations? B&D Resources with Sepamatic's advanced separation technology can help. Let's explore the possibilities together!

Dairy / Depackaging

We help with depackaging solutions in your dairy production. B&D Resources 's expertise in separation technology utilizing SEPAmatics can help. Let's explore how we can assist you!

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