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B&D Resources is a team of Advanced Meat Recovery (AMR) specialists with 30 years’ experience
providing high-volume food manufacturers the very best in meat processing equipment sales, service and complete system optimization consulting.

B&D can partner with you to plan and outfit a new AMR system from the ground up, provide parts &
maintenance services on existing lines that involve multiple OEM machines, or advise you and your plant managers and engineers on how to maximize your AMR line’s throughput, efficiency and profitability.

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B&D Resources Offers a Full Line of Leading AMR Equipment

North American Distributor

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Meat Recovery/Harvest Solutions

Exclusive North American Distributor

Soft-Belt Food Separation Machines
SEPAmatic Line-Up

B&D Resources Offers a Full Line of Leading AMR Equipment

SEPAmatic® Machine Line-Up



SEPamatic 410 for Manual Desinewing for small to Medium applications



SEPAmatic 1400 for Automatic Desinewing for MEdium applications



SEPamatic 3000 best for Automatic desinewing for high quality increased throughput




SEPamatic 1800 is REcommended for a variety of applications




SEPAmatic 6000a Fully Automatic sEPAmatic - NEW Development Largest Capacity Available



SEPamatic 4000 Leading Soft belt Separator Machine for deboning and higher throughput

SEPAmatic Line-Up

SEPAmatic® Leading Food Processing Applications

SEPAmatic® models 410, 1400, 1800, 3000, 4000, 6000, along with the Hydraulic Bone Separators, and Presizer, have long been a part of the Advanced Meat Recovery process (AMR).  As the exclusive OEM Distributor for SEPAmatic® in North America we offer OEM Replacement Parts and performance improvement for the recovery of lean trim in the beef, pork, fish, poultry, dairy, and produce processing industry. 

Why B&D Resources LLC

B&D Resources, has 25 years hands on food processing expertise including the SEPAmatic® line, specializing in applications such as Beef and Pork AMR, Turkey, Fish, Dairy, and many others.

WHY B&D Resources

SEPAmatic® OEM-Replacement Parts

SEPAmatic® OEM Consumables

SEPAmatic squeezing belts, processing belts, all sizes available (SEPAmatic 2000)
Knives and Blades, Knife for SEPAmatic Knife for SEPAmatic 3000/1800/1400/1200, OEM# 212 000 011 013
Knives and Blades, Knife for SEPAmatic 4000/2000, OEM# 212 000 011 003
Food Applications

SEPAmatic® Separation Applications



Separate hard bones, cartilage, sinew from soft meat



Gently Separate hard seeds, from soft pulp

Avocado Depeeling Application.jpg


Separate harder peels, and spots from soft pulp or flesh

Seafood Application.jpg


Careful separation of fish from skin and bones

Dairy Depackaging.jpg


Depackage foil wrapped cheese, remove butter, oil yoghurt from plastic containers


Pet Food:

Check raw, incoming product for non desirable parts

Interested in one of our applications? Drop us a line.

Application Design, Installation Support, Continued Advice throughout our Partnership


From the first consideration to the purchase and after purchase care, B&D Resources is there to help and support you to run a smooth, affordable production.

B&D Resource’s Response to COVID-19

We’re committed to doing everything we can to assist the food processing community in the fight against COVID-19.

SEPAmatic High Quality, Low Pressure Deboner, Desinewer, Seed and Peel Remover

Desinewed meat and pulp retains a high sensory panel and texture profile, preserved through the low pressure and low temp soft belt separation. Check incoming product for foreign components which are easily separated for a clean contaminate free product.

Why use a SEPAmatic

Reduced Downtime during Parts Replacment

SEPAmatics® have a fast drum lock mechanism to ensure speedy drum exchange.

Environmentally Friendly and Easy on the Budget

Using SEPAmatic®  prevents the waste of food protein, fruit pulp, and produce, also reducing prices for consumers.

High Quality Separation Product 

SEPAmatic® Processed Food retains the highest sensory panel and texture profile values.

Get your competitive advantage with SEPAmatic® Machines

made in Germany 

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