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OEM Quality- Replacement Parts

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OEM Quality Replacement Parts

Often times the expense of genuine parts is hard to justify. That's where enthusiasts will usually turn to OEM replacement parts for their maintenance and repair items. We provide OEM Quality Grade Replacement Parts for separation equipment, used in the industrial food processing industry. Our catalog of aftermarket parts encompasses parts for Bone Cannon® and Presizer equipment.


When your equipment needs a replacement part in a hurry, look no further than B&D Resources LLC.

B&D Resources Replacement Parts

B&D Resources offers the highest quality replacement parts that the industry has to offer, with the same or longer service life than the OEM. Since we are a small company, we are extremely specialized in the parts that we provide making them the best in the market. Many other manufactures can focus on a variety of things, but we dedicate ourselves to AMR / Soft Belt Separation machinery.


Whether you are looking for Bone Cannon® or a Presizer rest assured we can be of assistance. Our team has a primary focus on AMR / Soft Belt Separation and is extremely knowledgeable, they are happy to provide support for all of these products. Since we are a niche company in the world of separation our knowledge is extremely valuable to all of our clients in food processing. You can count on use to provide the best insight in the market and also have all of the answers to any questions you might have.


Your Time is Valuable

Don’t waste your valuable time with large parts providers. When waiting on hold for hours on end isn’t an option, give the industry professionals at B & D Resources LLC a call. We promise better service than our competition with a client centric approach. Our scale allows us to provide each and every client with the attention they deserve.


Expedited Solutions

We guarantee fast and reliable shipping to keep your production at peak performance. Every minute spent without the necessary parts is a minute of productivity lost. Our approach is designed to eliminate long waiting periods to address emergency situations in an expedited and reliable manner. We provide same day shipping to accommodate our clients specific needs. We also offer expedited courier services for emergencies.


Questions about a Part or Service?

Call 303-218-3707

New Aftermarket Parts

for your Bone Cannon® and Presizer

We carry over 600+ replacement parts installed on your Bone Cannon® or Presizer. Feel free to call for Machine Service, Support, and Processing Expertise approved by the Industrial Food Processing Industry.

Food Processing Machines


Exclusive Distributor

Only available from B&D Resources LLC, SEPAmatic® Exclusive North American OEM Parts Distributer

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